Home Buyer Education Class

For first-time home buyers, the entire home buying process can look a bit scary. You’re starting what could be the biggest purchase of your life with no experience. There’s good news. A little planning can go a long way to help you face this major decision with confidence. If you are looking for a resource to help guide you through the process, look no further. The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati’s Home Buyer Training Classes are led by HUD Certified professionals. They are designed to help you get the information you need in a fun, friendly environment.  You’ll learn about solving credit problems, navigating the mortgage loan process, having your home inspected, and more.  You’ll leave the class with the confidence to start on the road to home ownership.

The Home Buyer Education Class will be presented Live on Zoom.

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All classes will be from 9am - 6pm


EHome America, a Home Ownership of Greater Cincinnati, Inc partner is providing online Home Buyer Education Classes. Through this online class can’t replace in-person home buyer counseling, it does provide a thorough understanding of the home buying process.