The Home Ownership Center is a private, non-profit partnership of businesses, residents and government that helps you prepare for, buy and maintain a home. We have you and your family in mind — not profits, so let us be your partner in the home buying process.

Homebuyer Education

For first-time homebuyers, the whole home buying process may look a bit daunting. You are going into what could be the biggest purchase of your life with no experience to fall back on. the good news is a little preparation can go a long way and help you approach this major decision with confidence.


Financial Fitness Program

To turn your financial problem around, you must understand your flow of income and expenses. Some people call this a budget. Others find the term budget too restrictive and use of the term “Spending Plan”. By enrolling in our Financial Fitness Classes, The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati can assist you with taking the simple and effective steps that can put you back in the driver’s seat with your budget or spending plan. Classes are held at The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati. Each class is made up of three, 3 hour sessions.


EHome America

EHome America, a Home Ownership of Greater Cincinnati, Inc partner is providing online Home Buyer Education Classes. Through this online class can’t replace in-person home buyer counseling, it does provide a thorough understanding of the home buying process.