Welcome to The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati

You can find support and services for all of you housing needs. The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. is a private, non-profit partnership of businesses, resident, and government serving homeowners and prospective homeowners since 1973. Currently we serve more than 20 counties in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Indiana and are a Charter member of Neighborworks America Network. Through several programs we promote and maintain home ownership, and contribute to efforts enhancing our community.

What is Neighborworks America

Neighborworks America helps build strong, resilient communities by providing people with opportunities to live in safe, healthy and affordable housing.

They do this by directly supporting a network of more that 240 nonprofit organizations with technical assistance, grants and training for more than 12,000 professionals in the affordable housing and community development field every year.

Letter From President

Although foreclosure prevention remains our primary service of The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati we are very excited with the fresh ideas, new techniques, and positive attitudes toward our clients that we use in the battle foreclosure. This continues to motivate us to not only meet our goals but to surpass them year after year.

The Home Ownership Center employs a variety of strategies to combat foreclosure, but the award winning, BUZZUS Foreclosure Prevention Phone-A-Thon has gone national continues to help us reach each year’s goals. We use the BUZZUS Foreclosure Prevention Phone-A-Thon as an outreach tool to insure that all community residents who are in need foreclosure assistance have the chance to access our free services. Through the BUZZUS Foreclosure Prevention Phone-A-Thon we have had the great opportunity to welcome more partners, and increase our service area.

Our Home Buyers Education and Financial Fitness classes continue to be a success way to prepare for successful home ownership. Dramatic changes in the housing market and mortgage lending truly makes these offerings a must for all incomes. In 2011 we changed our class schedule to try to accommodate to all residents. You can refer to our interactive website or call us for class schedules.

In 2012 we began a program to rehabilitate single family homes for homeownership. These are vacant properties creating blight in neighborhoods being transformed into top quality owner-occupied homes to strengthen neighborhoods and communities. This will become a major program in 2013. Through our website you will be able to get continuing updates about homes for sale, future foreclosure events, and other free opportunities available to residents of greater Cincinnati from The Home Ownership of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.


Rick Williams

Letter From our Chairman of the Board

In the 14 years I have been a part of the Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati I have seen it reinvent itself several times in order to continue to meet the changing needs of the community.

Home ownership is a vitally important ingredient to maintaining our neighborhoods and quality of life. Home ownership helps improve area property values. Children of home owners tend to do better academically. Individuals that own their home tend to be more supportive of local civic groups. Home owners generally take more pride in their community. Owner occupied properties are overall better maintained. All these are ways to help our communities as a whole.

Home Ownership Center programs like our Homebuyer Training and Financial Fitness classes create better buyers for sellers of properties in our area. Our Foreclosure Prevention program helps homeowners and their lenders get together to work out mutually beneficial strategies and allow families to stay in their homes. Our new Acquisition and Sale program will take vacant, blighted properties and create fresh newly renovated homes ready for sale to the public at a discounted market price. Each of The Home Ownership Center programs is targeted to help create, maintain, and save homeowners right here in our local area.

Whether or not you receive direct help through the efforts of the Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati, you can be assured that we are here helping stabilize and strengthen the neighborhoods of greater Cincinnati. We are ready to meet the needs of the community today and we are looking out for those opportunities and challenges that may be next on the horizon.


John Smit
Board Chair
2015-16 Board of Directors

John Smit

Union Savings Bank
Board Chairman

Dave Cors

Centerprise Inc.
Vice Chairman

Matt Fitzpatrick

Proctor & Gamble
Board Treasurer

Patricia Bready

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati
Board Secretary

Trina Jackson

Xavier University
Board Member

Mark Quarry

Cincinnati Board of Realtors
Board Member

Deb Heater

Stategic Performance Systems
Board Member

Ethal Cogan

City of Cincinnati
Board Member